About LPP


You've seen Love Penny Plane garments on your favourite bloggers, celebs and in your favourite music videos. Inspired by an insatiable lust for spring – youthful in spirit, immensely colourful and exciting the brand has evolved from sultry latex pieces to including eye-catching statement accessories. LPP founder Regi Bella is inspired by women and femmes who are authentic and unashamed in who they are. Embracing the light and dark sides of the human psyche, the goal has always been to cleverly fuse the two in every design, in a wonderful and mystifying blend of cute and cuddly, seductive and provocative and even at times, dirty and frightening. Love Penny Plane garments have been carefully patterned to love every inch of your body, to hug and kiss each and every curve, because every body deserves to feel extraordinary!
Every body is worthy of Love Penny Plane.